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 Computer Fan Problems

Computer fan problems are very common problem with system. Generally users are not much concern about computer fan problems, however, Such problems can be indications of some serious problem.

It's very common that your computer make noise that time you might think about computer repair technician.

It's very tough find computer repair technician who can detect computer fan problems.

However, Askpcexperts provide you computer repair technician who gives services at your home.

Sometimes computers start making noise due to fan problem. You can check whether this noise is exactly coming from fan or not.

To check this put a paper into a fan and watch the action, if noise stops that mean you have computer fan problem.

To resolve computer fan problems, Askpcexperts suggest you to follow following steps:

. Remove dust from CPU fan. Put some drops of oil in order to clean it.

. Remove dust from power supply fan.

. If the noise keeps on coming and can be tapering down to the CPU fan, change the CPU fan.

. If the noise keeps on coming and can be tapering down to the power supply fan, change the power supply.

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