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 My Computer Problems

Askpcexperts helps you with a diversity of services to assist you stay active and secure in the fast paced technological era we live in today.

Askpcexperts can fix your PC in a variety of ways. Every now and then you might face problems related to your computer.

Askpcexperts provide you online solution of such problems which you send us with the subject of my computer problems.

Some of the most Common computer problems are as follow:

. PC Booting trouble
. Printer start problem
. Problem with Scanner
. Mouse troubling
. Mouse movement problem
. Keyboard not working
. Computer takes lot of time to start
. PC shut down trouble
. Driver Installation troubles

To determine Computer starting problem askpcexperts suggest you to check all the plugs are properly connected with sockets or not. You find CPU is on but no appearance in monitor then check that whether monitor is turn on or not.

For Mouse and Keyboard check that are their drivers installed properly or not. Check the plugs of keyboard and mouse are connected with computer. Moreover, take away the round thing on the base of body that clutches the ball in then take it out and clean it with any solution. You also find the three rollers in the mouse. Clean them also and then dry them and now set the ball properly inside the mouse and tight all the screws properly.

As you check monitor, analogous with printer and scanners, checked each and every AC and also check the cable that connects the printer or scanner with computer. Moreover, take care about the pages are fed in printer properly or not and check ink cartridges also before use.

If your computer takes more time to boot then go to startup there you'll find the list of some programs those are running with your start pane. These programs must have marked sign in check box, you just unchecked them.

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