Firewall Configuration

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Internet usage has become very much a part of our lives and safeguarding one's data over the web is far from an easy bet!

AskPCExperts can actually help you in configuring your pre-installed Microsoft Windows Firewall functionally so that you browse in a complete secure way.

Firewalls can obstruct suspicious traffic moving in and out from your computer. They need to be fully active in keeping up with the various parameters to protect you against hackers who survive on stealing your personal information.

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Call now for stretching that belt of online security round your PC. Allow the certified techs of Ask PC Experts to optimize your firewall security. Enjoy freedom from unauthorized access to your hard drive data. Let your files and personal information be safe and secure.

Microsoft Windows Firewall comes with your Microsoft Windows XP or Vista operating system; you need to ensure the right configuration and settings so that your PC remains safe and secure round the clock.

Our Service Offerings
Our service providers install as well as configure the built-in windows firewall (Windows XP & Vista only) to allow web- access to genuine and trusted programs.

Unlimited Annual Plan $119.95

For a one-time payment of a nominal fee, AskPCExperts offer unlimited yearly computer support for all your computer security issues via internet and phone.

Dial us Toll Free 1-800-491-3022 for Anytime Assistance!

  • I was very pleased with the help support using your product providing with all of the help setting my Key. always good to have a agent who uses his technical knowledge to benefit us.
  • Naveen, was very helpful with getting my program installed. He was polite and very knowledgable. Thank you for have such nice people working for you..
  • amit was very helpful in completing all my questions and giving me a discount on cleaning up my computer..
  • "Great! I plan to add my other computers to your plan. You have a great service to offer.".
    - Brenda White, USA
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