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Today there is an increasing threat of adware, spyware and malware for the PC users. Things get really bad when these malicious programs creep into our system and affect its functionalities. Mostly these programs are controlled by hackers and sometimes there is nothing we can do to stop this private invasion.
Therefore it is very important for us to have a solid tech support to put an end to this PC situation. AskPCExperts can assist you with services such as antivirus installation, virus removal, spyware removal, firewall installation and configuration, PC optimization, internet optimization, etc.

Advance PC Help
We facilitate you advance tech support to tackle and prevent malicious virus attacks on your PC. The service package includes checking computer security settings, configuring anti-spyware and anti-virus, conducting PC scans, quarantining viruses and blocking adware, pop-ups, phishing attacks and malware.
At AskPCExperts, computer support comes at unbeaten prices - you get a year-long support at rock-bottom prices. On top of it there are several branded software that come free when you subscribe for our Annual Support Plan! For a nominal one-time payment, you get quick support over the phone and the internet for one full year. This includes support for more than 50 everyday applications for your PC and peripherals like networking devices, scanners, printers, etc.

Unlimited Annual Plan $119.95

Dial us Toll Free 1-800-491-3022 for Anytime Assistance!

  • I was very pleased with the help support using your product providing with all of the help setting my Key. always good to have a agent who uses his technical knowledge to benefit us.
  • Naveen, was very helpful with getting my program installed. He was polite and very knowledgable. Thank you for have such nice people working for you..
  • amit was very helpful in completing all my questions and giving me a discount on cleaning up my computer..
  • "Great! I plan to add my other computers to your plan. You have a great service to offer.".
    - Brenda White, USA
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