Among all the components that play the utmost important roles in a computer’s operation, motherboard holds the apex position. Motherboard is the key element on which all other vital elements of the computer are accumulated. Successful operation of a computer primarily depends on the quality of the motherboard and that’s why every computer user should pay extra attention on this aspect. Due to a number of reasons, often computer motherboard gets damaged. You need to have a vivid awareness about all the possible motherboard problems that commonly appear these days, in order to stay far away from those. Problem 1: Computer Crashes or CD-ROM reading slows down – this type of problem usually appears in inferior quality motherboards. Always keep in mind that when you will finish the entire installation process of your motherboard and restart your computer then do not enter the Windows 98 interface in the normal mode, because then the driver cannot be unloaded. To do so you need to find out the latest version of motherboard driver and install that. While doing so if you still face any problem then you need to reinstall your Operating System. Problem 2: Motherboard Integrated Drive Electronics port and Line print terminal port doesn’t work properly – if a relevant hardware is hot plugged in then before doing so you need to disable the Line Print Terminal port and Com Port, all these are built-in the motherboard and after doing so use a multifunctional card instead. Problem 3: Computer crashes when setting the CMOS – according to the experts, the source of this ordeal usually hides in the motherboard cache or the CPU. Poor heat dissipation is also another reason behind a computer’s crash. You can very easily fix the problem by disabling the cache in the CMOS. Though this will affect your internet speed, but your computer will be at the safe side. Problem 4: Mouse is unavailable when installing or booting up your Windows system – incorrect CMOS setting is the reason behind such problem. The experts say, in the power management of the CMOS an item presents, which is called modern interrupt request and it is commonly default as 3. You need to change that to any other option except 3. So, these are the most common motherboard problems appear presently. But apart from these there are several other kinds of problems may appear. You may not able to resolve all kinds of problems efficiently, in those cases don’t worry; simply call a remote PC support provider and avail all your required services with ease.