Computer is an integral part of everyone’s life but with the growing technology, the danger of threats also increased a lot. There are lots of threats to our computer like virus, spyware, malware, Trojan horse etc that enter our system in a unique way and slowly and gradually and take the administration of computer in their own hands. It not only degrade the functionality of our computer but can also leads to loss of vital files and data and transfer of important documents to another computer which may get altered or deleted. It is, therefore, very beneficial that you use remote tech support for the provision of online computer security and stop this privacy invasion. Before taking the services of any company for tech support a thorough research of the performance and reputation of the company is a must requirement.  A professional expertise provides all the features of tech support like PC optimization, virus and spyware removal, antivirus installation, virus scanning, Trojan removal, firewall configuration etc. They facilitates the users with security settings for computer, PC scans and quarantining viruses, phishing attacks, pop-up blockers and configuration of anti virus. Computer security is an important issue for everyone so it must be dealt with proper care if we want to work with our computer in the long run.