Slow operation is one of the most common problems faced by modern computer users these days. Due to a number of reasons a computer becomes sluggish and starts operating slow. If you are facing this problem nowadays don’t sit back, identify the reason(s) behind it and follow the below discussed steps to get rid of slow computer problem in easiest of manner. A computer gets slow due to a number of reasons, including virus attack, lack of available space in hard-drive, loads of software and applications installed, inadequate hardware configuration and so on. No matter whatever may be the reason behind it, you are advised to get your checked by a PC expert, who will help to identify the exact reasons behind the problem(s) appeared in your computer. But, as prevention is always better than cure, you need to take proper care of your PC in order to stay far away from different kinds of PC problems. The primary tasks you need to strictly follow on a daily basis are:

  • As virus is one of the common reasons of slow computer, you need to take proper care of this aspect. Install good anti-virus software in your computer and run it on a daily basis to scan your computer.
  • Remove all the unwanted programs and applications from your computer. keep free space in your hard-drive as much as possible, it will help you to keep your computer fast
  • Take care of your Operating System. If the Operating System installed in your computer gets corrupted then your computer will start slowing down. That’s why, always use licensed version of Operating System to stay away from any kind of hassles.
  • Clean your registry regularly. Use an effective registry cleaning software to clean all the unwanted registry files and fix all the registry errors. This will improve the booting speed of your computer and will keep your system fast.
  • Don’t install messy software and applications on your computer, only install those which are required.
  • Use the temporary files and cache memory of your computer on a regular basis
  • Use firewall. Though this will slow your internet, but it will keep your computer far away from viruses.
  • Clean your desktop files and icons from the task bar regularly.
So, these are some of the most common things to do in order to get rid of the problem of a slow computer. To take further aid in smartest way, go for online computer support and Help.