Motherboard plays the pivotal role in the entire operation of a computer. This is the hardware on which all the other major hardware devices are installed and hassles-free operation of a computer depends on the quality of motherboard; that’s why everyone needs to give proper attention on this hardware. Sometimes, like all other hardware devices, motherboard gets damages or creates serious problems. Some of the most common motherboard problems and the possible solutions of troubleshooting are given hereunder:

  • Crashes of computer or slow CR-Rom reading: this kind of problem usually occurs due to some inferior quality motherboard. You are suggested to use the latest motherboard with advanced technology; this will help you to stay cool with hassle-free computer operation.
  • New CMOS setting cannot be saved: this problem related to Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor is often owing to the battery of the motherboard due to running the system in under voltage condition, in that case you need to change the battery. If in your place the voltage too low it may have 2 possibilities –
  1. The main problem is in the CMOS jumper, and sometimes you may have cleaned CMOS by mistake, as a result it can not save the new CMOS data.
  2. Motherboard circuit goes on the fritz, and in that case you would better take it to the pro.
    • Mouse is unavailable while installing or booting up your Windows: such problem arises due to the incorrect CMOS settings. In the CMOS’s power management, there is an item called ‘modem use interrupt request’, and its default number is 3. You are privileged to change and choose one of other options except 3.
    Frankly speaking, fixing such problems require in-depth knowledge; if you don’t have that then you are recommended to go for Online PC Troubleshooting services. Through such services fix PC errors and get all kinds of online computer Support without wasting much of your precious time and money.