Are you going to purchase your new computer? Are you confused which operating system would be the perfect solution for your work? Are you desired to own anyone between Linux and Windows? Don’t worry, this article will solve all your quarries and will help you decide which OS will be best suitable for you – Windows and Linux.

  • User-friendliness: Working on Windows is quite easy and hassle-free. Even a layman can work in this OS environment easily. On the other side, Linux involves much complexity, for which everyone will not be able to operate this OS efficiently.
  • Versatility: Windows Operating System is made for all types of jobs, be it multimedia, programming or entertainment. On the other side, Linux is not so efficient to perform all sorts of jobs.
  • Easy availability of software: You will easily find your required software for Windows OS, but those may not be available for Linux OS.
  • Ease of installing: Installing Windows involves very less hassle, for which anyone can do the installation work without any worry. But, without some prior experience you cannot install Linux, because there are various intricate aspects are associated with this process.
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